Scientific Marketing

A cornerstone of our success

Science that generates knowledge.


Scientific marketing is a cornerstone of our success.

In order to set standards for medical devices and in vitro diagnostics for diabetics, we have to always be up-to-date with the latest standards. New products and the advancement of exis ting products require clinical studies which comply with current norms and standards.Moreover, we also have our products tested at independent study centres like the ISALA Clinic in the Netherlands to certify the excellent quality and exactness of our measuring devices.

Participating in round robin tests of state institutes in various countries ensures ongoing quality checks and the reliability of our Wellion products for the users.Market observations and annual studies on feedback from the market (post market surveillance reports) flow into the development of new products and into product enhancements on an ongoing basis. From the data obtained, print materials are produced which are a valuable assistance to medical personnel and diabetics. Training documents and advanced training seminars complement  the offer of our scientific marketing.