MED TRUST. The milestones.

MED TRUST develops on a long-term basis and always with an eye to the future


Strategic milestones


  • 1997

    In September Sylvia and Werner Trenker found MED TRUST as a business enterprise with a focus on diabetes

  • 2001

    The Wellion brand is launched

  • 2002

    The first Wellion products (produced by partner companies) enter the market

  • 2008

    Development and manufacturing of own products

  • 2015

    Manufacturer of products for partner companies under their brands (OEM production)

From Austria to Europe to the whole world – Subsidiaries and distributors


  • 2000

    Subsidiary in Bulgaria

  • 2003

    Subsidiary in Germany

  • 2004

    Start to set up distributors in Europe

  • 2006

    Subsidiary in Sweden

  • 2009

    Subsidiaries in Greece and the Czech Republic

  • 2010

    Start to set up distributors outside of Europe

  • 2012

    Subsidiary in Slovakia

  • 2013

    Subsidiaries in Portugal and the Netherlands

  • 2015

    Subsidiary in Croatia

  • 2017

    Subsidiary in Italy

  • 2019

    Subsidiary in France